Exploring new ways.

Many in-migrants face difficulties finding suitable employment. The majority are not aware of the consultancy institutions that are out there and struggle to find the correct point of contacts for their requests. It is Vebbas philosophy to support and fund those and to allow them to take part in our society.

We support

Are you unemployed and seeking work but can’t find a job?

you in job seeking

in breaking the language barrier

in preparing your job applications

during your training and further education

in perparing for interviews

in approaching companies

We consult

Did you recently move to Austria and have legal questions about your stay?

in education inquiries

in starting your own business

concerning the Employment of Foreign Nationals Act

concerning social security

concerning inquiries about the law of residence

concerning citizenship

Are you looking for consultancy and support?

Contact us. Call us, send us a message or visit us at our office. We offer free consultation and unbureaucratic support.

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